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Premium laboratory test packages

Our extended blood test package with hormone testing and tumour marker laboratory tests is recommended For those who’d like to be fully informed about their current condition once a year to maintain their health.


Laboratory tests

Laboratory screening tests to assess your general health, giving you a comprehensive picture of the current state of your body, basic vital functions and metabolic processes.

General laboratory tests

Laboratory screening tests from blood taken from a vein.

Hormone and tumour marker tests

Hormonal screening tests and cancer screening tests.

Allergy and intolerance testing

Inhalant allergen and nutritive allergen testing from venous blood.

Covid tests

We offer PCR tests for active COVID-19 infection, combined respiratory virus tests, coronavirus + influenza PCR tests and rapid antigen tests in 38 locations across the country. Coronavirus infection or post-vaccination antibody tests, blood tests are also available among our services. Fast and professional sampling, flexible service!

Test points

Need a test or laboratory analysis? We are now waiting for you in 28 cities and 38 test points nationwide!
We are present in all major cities, find the laboratory nearest to you! Our list of test points is constantly growing!

On-site delivery

We provide testing services for individuals and large groups, companies nationwide, at short notice.

For families
If such a service is not available in or near your home, or if for some reason you cannot or do not want to leave your home, our staff will come to your home to take samples!
If quarantine is required
You may also require testing under quarantine rules. Our staff will visit you in your home at a time that suits you!
Simultaneous testing of companies
Test your employees on an ad hoc or preventive basis! With a timely detection of infection, you can prevent epidemic illness among your employees.


laboratory tests
From 10 500 Ft
Hormone and tumour marker
From 6 700 Ft
Allergies Tests
From 15 900 Ft
Food intolerance test
From 61 600 Ft
PCR tests
From 9 500 Ft
Covid immunity test
From 10 500 Ft
COVID from blood
From 10 500 Ft
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