Express PCR test

To detect active infection.
The Express PCR test package includes a result from an ID NOW NAAT technology POC, which is preliminary and indicative only; and a conventional RT- PCR type test, which will be used as the basis for the official valid result once it is completed.

Result: within 90 minutes by e-mail (The result is the result of the ID NOW test and is for preliminary information only. Compared to traditional (RT-) PCR tests, it is a simpler, one-step test that measures the genetic material of the coronavirus. )

(RT-) PCR test results: within 15 hours (The result, a valid medical record, as a result of the conventional RT- PCR test.)

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The Express PCR test package is the fastest, highly sensitive test, during which the nucleic acid (RNA) characteristic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is detected with high specificity using a molecular biological method. The package consists of two parts. Within 90 minutes, you will receive the preliminary, informative result by e-mail, which is provided by the ID NOW (Abbott) nucleic acid amplification technology device. We then perform a test using traditional RT-PCR technology, after which the official findings are made. Notification of findings: Based on the results of the traditional RT-PCR test, within 15 hours.

The Express PCR test package provides the fastest results to detect teh Covid virus, which, as it is based on a nucleic acid detection molecular biological method, is therefore very sensitive and highly specific. The Express PCR test package is recommended for those who want very fast results and/or need a negative PCR test. Examination is highly recommended for sudden or unplanned travel or hospitalization.