For companies

Personalized examinations

With the help of our personalized screening tests, you can easily and quickly take care of your employees' health.

Health preservation with testing

Preserving the health of employees and developing a long-term preventive approach is in the interest of all employers.
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Individual offers for companies

Test your employees on an ad hoc or preventive basis. 

Testing of employees and their relatives

Not only employees, but also their family members and relatives can be tested

On-site sampling

If You need a Covid test or antibody test, but such a service is not available in or near where you live

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Form for individual company quotation requests

Please fill in the form and indicate your request. Our colleague will contact you by phone to discuss and finalise the offer.

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Why should your company choose WhiteLab?

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Disembarkation within 24-48 hours

Departure at short deadline, within 24-48 hours. Over 20 people/inspection, disembarkation is free.

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Personalized offer

A unique discount offer tailored to your company.

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Regular and ad hoc testing

Regular preventive testing and ad hoc examinations are also possible.

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Flexible appointment

During the appointment, we take into account your specific needs and organize the departure in accordance with them.

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Available nationwide

Private healthcare services nationwide with more than 30 different tests.

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A find in a foreign language

Free second finding in foreign languages.

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