About Us

Why should you choose WhiteLab?

There is no waiting time

You can choose the most suitable time for you to take the sample.

Fast and flexible administration

You can use our comprehensive laboratory service without waiting or unnecessary administration.

National coverage

We are waiting for you in 28 cities and a total of 38 test points across the country. You can easily find our nearest lab using our search engine.

Laborvizsgálatok és COVID tesztek
Több mint 30 különböző vizsgálat


We treat our customers’ data with maximum discretion.

More than 30 tests

We undertake to carry out Covid tests (PCR and antigen tests) and immunity tests, but our services also include general and complex laboratory tests, hormone tests, tumor marker tests, as well as allergy and food intolerance tests.

Results in the shortest possible deadline

Our own couriers deliver the samples from each test point to the lab. PCR samples are analyzed with our own developed reagent, so we can guarantee greater efficiency and reliability. Thanks to this, we guarantee the results of traditional PCR tests within 15 hours in Budapest and 24 hours in rural areas. In the case of a combined PCR test (influenza + coronavirus), we send the result within 15-30 hours, and in the case of serological tests within 2 days, together with the official findings. We offer a money-back guarantee for agreed deadlines.

On-site drop-off

If such a service is not available at or near your place of residence, or if you cannot or do not want to leave your home for some reason, our staff will go to your home to collect samples! We undertake testing not only of individuals, but also of larger groups and companies across the country, with a short deadline. Departure is free for 20 people or more!

Free foreign language find

We provide a second finding in a foreign language (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French) free of charge if you need it due to a trip abroad.

You are always the first for us

All elements of our system serve to provide quick feedback on your health status.