Tests and Laboratory Tests

What laboratory tests can you have done at WhiteLab?

General laboratory tests
Laboratory screening tests from blood taken from a vein.
Hormone tests and tumour marker tests
Hormonal screening tests and cancer screening tests.
Allergy and intolerance tests
Inhalant allergen and nutritive allergen testing from venous blood.

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What is a tumour marker test for?

Tumour marker tests can help us find out about abnormal processes in the body.

The examination of tumour markers is also of great importance for regular check-ups, as the values allow the doctor to detect signs of relapse in time.

What coronavirus tests can I perform in WhiteLab?

PCR and antigen tests
Tests to detect coronavirus infection.
COVID PCR és antigén tesztek
Immunity studies
Antibody tests, blood tests after coronavirus infection or vaccination.
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