General laboratory test package

Basic, general screening test package.
General laboratory test package gives you a comprehensive picture of your current health status with information on basic blood chemistry parameters.

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Our diagnostic package “General laboratory test package” contains general laboratory tests. You can get a basic picture of your body’s health from the laboratory results you receive. This package includes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, inflammatory processes, liver and kidney function tests, as well as blood, ion and urine tests.

It is recommended to carry out a general laboratory test (large laboratory) at least once a year, as a preventive measure. It is also recommended at least once a year as part of an occupational health (medical) examination.

In the case of general, non-specific complaints, a large-scale laboratory test is recommended as a first step in order to plan further diagnostic steps.

We will provide you with a urine sample collection device free of charge by one of the following methods*, which you can choose when booking your appointment:

GLS courier delivery within 24 hours, after which you can drop off the sample in person at the same time as the blood collection at the time you book your test appointment
You can also collect the urine sampling device in person at least 24 hours before your booked appointment.
It is recommended that you take your urine sample from the first mid-morning urine, as this is usually more concentrated than the mid-day urine. On the day of the test, it is best not to void urine at night to ensure that you have enough urine in the morning. Please wash your hands before and after taking the sample. Before sampling, clean the urethral opening with soap to avoid contamination of the urine sample. Empty the first third of the urine into the toilet and immediately afterwards (without wiping) empty the middle portion into the sample container provided. The desired volume is approximately 1 dl. Please take extra care not to touch the inside of the container with your hands. You can empty the remaining urine into the toilet. IMPORTANT: In general, it is recommended to avoid urine testing during menstruation, unless the test is urgent and can be timed.

The results are communicated electronically or uploaded to EESZT within 2 working days of sampling. Viewing the lab results from the email received is subject to an automatically generated password based on the details provided at the time of booking the appointment (you will be informed of this in the email containing the results), and in EESZT via a client portal.