Post-Covid laboratory test package

To detect possible complications after COVID infection
Recommended laboratory test package after Covid infection to provide information on possible complications, known as post covid effects, such as increased inflammatory processes, cardiovascular risks and tissue damages

In many cases, long-term circulatory, respiratory, central nervous system, and blood coagulation-related complications can develop even after mild symptoms of COVID-19. Based on scientific evidence low vitamin D and high ferritin blood levels are risk factors for post-Covid symptoms. To determine their concentrations with the level of C-reactive protein, which all three parameters are included in our Post-COVID filter package, we can learn the inflammatory state of our body. Of particular importance among the complications is the blood coagulation disorder, which is characterized by determining the D-dimer level. 

COVID-19 can also damage the cardiovascular system, and in severe cases, myocarditis can develop. To examine this risk our package measures two important parameters (CK-MB and Tropononin I). Damage to various organs is also known among the complications of coronavirus infection, among which damage to liver and kidney tissue is also defined (GOT, GPT, GGT, bilirubin; and urea, creatinine) in our test.

We highly recommend our lab package for athletes and those living an active life with prolonged post-COVID symptoms.

C-reactive protein, Ferritin, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Total bilirubin, GOT, GPT, Alkaline phosphatase, GGT, Urea, Creatinine, Creatine kinase, CK-MB, HS Troponin I, Vitamin D, D-dimer, Hematology – blood count

In many cases, various long-term complications can develop even after mild symptoms of COVID-19. We highly recommend our lab package for prolonged post-COVID symptoms, as well as for athletes and people living an active life who have experienced an infection.